15 peculiar vintage dresses which will prove that bridesmaid have evolved drastically with their dressing choice at wedding

A bridesmaid has plenty of duties at the wedding from decoration to arranging party . She has one of the key roles to play . So , she is an important character at wedding and therefore gains a lot of attention apart from the bride . But , a bridesmaid should never steal the show as wedding is the dream day of the bride who wants to look the best . Therefore , a bride probably has to undertake a lot of responsibility while dressing up their maid of honor keeping in mind that they must not outshine her and few brides had lost their mind while selecting the outfits . We clearly blame the fashion trends of those times and these pictures will give you further proofs why we think so . Looking at these pics , you will clearly feel sorry for those pretty ladies who donned them .
Here are the top 15 most ridiculous dresses donned by the bridesmaid at wedding :
1 . Tahir Shah costume

These dresses in pastel shades have some elegance in it . But, something still does not looks okay .
2 . Floral Dress

These floral prints looks disgusting and awkward . What the hell was going in their minds while selecting this outfit ?
3 . What exactly is this ?

This was definitely the game plan of the bride !!!! The pooch looks better than these strange ladies in this picture .
4 . Are you sure this is a wedding?

This one looks scary and we are still not convinced that this was a marriage .

5 . Dresses from curtain or cutain from dresses?

Now , you know what to do with those curtains !!! What do think is it dress from curtain or curtain from dress ? Now, it’s upto you to decide .

6. Revenge Story or something ?? we don’t know

What exactly is this ? The bride made sure that these bridesmaid don’t outshine her .
7. Bridesmaid in the movie called Robert Altman

Mia Farrow clearly knows what was going around and how messed up life was at that time !!!
8. The Rockstar bridesmaid

They look like rockstar and wait , who choosed these costumes ?
10. My eyes hurt !!

This is definitely made from curtains and looks like a low budget dress . who knew curtains can be utilized in such a convenient way ?
11 . The summer dress

This does not looks like a marriage . But , what we love here is the fact that these look pretty comfortable .
12 . The vampire girls

Can someone tell why was this black dress chosen for a wedding ? Why did someone not tell the bride thatit was a marriage and no funeral . Or, was the bride not happy with her marriage and this was a plan ?? All we can do is wonder .

13. We can’t stop laughing

Well , everything’s wrong about this one !!! The bridesmaid has a good taste in fashion , admit that .
14 . IS this the bride of Santa Claus ??

We leave this to you to decide !!
15 . The strange dress

The expression tells it all !!!



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