Modern agriculture to ancient agriculture

Day to day various types of disease are coming to our society. The doctors are trying cure the diseases but the can’t control. many years they researched to find where disease origin. finally they clarified most of the diseases now cancers. it comes mostly by the foods that we are taking regularly. various type of cancers are coming here they researched about cancers by fertilizers we are using in our farms. using different type of fertilizers and insectiside makes more disease to our body. so here in india the peoples like educated farmers are try to do natural forming.

1.farmer in the village of keelakottai near the town of kallal which belongs to the district of sivagangai in tamiladu making the agriculture different in now a days. which they not following the any fertilizer in their form and making more yeild compare to modern agriculture

2.Here the village of rangappanur in the district of viluppuram in tamilnadu same like that of the person as we saw before making the agriculture different in their area and doing very succesfully in work and feeling good compare to do ancient agriculture now a days

3.village of perumalpatti in the district of virudhunagar in tamilnadu the persons name maariswamy has doing the very successful olden days agriculture in his form and making his family happy everyday and also he said that he fallows the rules tamil scientist NAMMALVAR.


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