linekraft world of electronics Mon, 27 May 2019 13:13:29 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Pictures of some highly intelligent humans whose actions are too hard to ignore Wed, 17 Oct 2018 20:43:27 +0000 Don’t you ever feel some people deserve some sort of award for their intelligence? Don’t you ever feel why are you still on earth looking at some people? Sometimes people piss others with their very high intelligence which is beyond comparison and you feel like opening their head and see what is actually in their heads. You feel like telling how dumb they are and these beautiful creations are the reason for the invention of the word “dumb”
We have collected few pictures online which would prove some people are too hard to ignore:
You don’t need 10 baskets to shop at grocery. This lady took all of them to shop.

Is this a toilet for humans or is their some alien who would climb the wall to pee? What was the constructor even thinking? This is what happens when you reach another level of intelligence.

Thanks a lot for such hard work. Some people deserve and reserve a special place in heaven. Without this description, no one would have understood this.

What do these people eat? Where do they live? How do they possess this unique and special intelligence?

Don’t I repeat don’t do this at school, home or anywhere. Is she even in her sense?(crying inside)

No this man is driving away the rain with some special power maybe? Protecting the brain from damage is more important. (face palm)
This is surreal. Even the word dumb is not capable of explaining how dumb these little monsters are.

You people are the special genre in God’s list of humans. That’s a BMW not a Bentley. Do you even know the difference between car companies? Or all seem the same to you?

It’s a humble request not to share such information on internet since it leads to brainstorming. Many people thought they lost their memories or were getting old. For God’s sake,show some mercy.

This is one of the most horrifying thoughts of the new generation. For God’s sake, look at your child you are a mother now. She seems busy posting about her happiness of being a mother.

Sometimes love can be hazardous for you and can make plastic factories in your stomach. The plastic wrapper is suppose to be taken off before putting it in a sandwich.

That’s not a frame. It took few seconds for the very intelligent man to understand that its not a fan but the reflection of it in the mirror. What do these special people eat?

Many people died after reading this post. How do people get such confidence? Or is it an auto-correct? I hope it is the latter one.

you don’t get pregnant when you want. Do you even know what is it?

Think about your future, kid. The sun is a star but you keep arguing like this you will soon become dust. Is the teacher alright after listening to your explanation?



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15 peculiar vintage dresses which will prove that bridesmaid have evolved drastically with their dressing choice at wedding Wed, 17 Oct 2018 20:20:54 +0000 A bridesmaid has plenty of duties at the wedding from decoration to arranging party . She has one of the key roles to play . So , she is an important character at wedding and therefore gains a lot of attention apart from the bride . But , a bridesmaid should never steal the show as wedding is the dream day of the bride who wants to look the best . Therefore , a bride probably has to undertake a lot of responsibility while dressing up their maid of honor keeping in mind that they must not outshine her and few brides had lost their mind while selecting the outfits . We clearly blame the fashion trends of those times and these pictures will give you further proofs why we think so . Looking at these pics , you will clearly feel sorry for those pretty ladies who donned them .
Here are the top 15 most ridiculous dresses donned by the bridesmaid at wedding :
1 . Tahir Shah costume

These dresses in pastel shades have some elegance in it . But, something still does not looks okay .
2 . Floral Dress

These floral prints looks disgusting and awkward . What the hell was going in their minds while selecting this outfit ?
3 . What exactly is this ?

This was definitely the game plan of the bride !!!! The pooch looks better than these strange ladies in this picture .
4 . Are you sure this is a wedding?

This one looks scary and we are still not convinced that this was a marriage .

5 . Dresses from curtain or cutain from dresses?

Now , you know what to do with those curtains !!! What do think is it dress from curtain or curtain from dress ? Now, it’s upto you to decide .

6. Revenge Story or something ?? we don’t know

What exactly is this ? The bride made sure that these bridesmaid don’t outshine her .
7. Bridesmaid in the movie called Robert Altman

Mia Farrow clearly knows what was going around and how messed up life was at that time !!!
8. The Rockstar bridesmaid

They look like rockstar and wait , who choosed these costumes ?
10. My eyes hurt !!

This is definitely made from curtains and looks like a low budget dress . who knew curtains can be utilized in such a convenient way ?
11 . The summer dress

This does not looks like a marriage . But , what we love here is the fact that these look pretty comfortable .
12 . The vampire girls

Can someone tell why was this black dress chosen for a wedding ? Why did someone not tell the bride thatit was a marriage and no funeral . Or, was the bride not happy with her marriage and this was a plan ?? All we can do is wonder .

13. We can’t stop laughing

Well , everything’s wrong about this one !!! The bridesmaid has a good taste in fashion , admit that .
14 . IS this the bride of Santa Claus ??

We leave this to you to decide !!
15 . The strange dress

The expression tells it all !!!



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12 things you never knew about youtube Wed, 17 Oct 2018 20:02:00 +0000 Youtube is a popular world wide video sharing network which has gained immense popularity in short time . This has become one of the biggest and fastest growing platforms connecting people worldwide since many years . But despite that, there are a few things which we never knew about it and therefore these facts always remained hidden .
We are here to share 12 things about youtube you will wish you knew earlier. Thank us later !!

You can send only that part of a video which you want your friend to watch specifically .

We are pretty sure not many of you had an idea regarding this one . We are here to share with you a trick you will wish you knew earlier . While sharing videos on youtube, we are too quick to hit the share button as it seems easy enough . But we are to tell you an easier trick which you will absolutely love . Check the box next to ‘start at’ then type in the required time according to your choice you will fimd an automatic link being created . All you have to do next is copy and send it .

How to make your video appear on number one on the finding’s list?

This is going to be a great hack for you if you are a YouTube creator . not many of us know but there is an option to add transcript under the closed caption i.e., the CC button .

Yes you heard it right, you can always play YouTube in background

This is one of the biggest relief probably knowing that you can play your YouTube in background .
If you are an android user , open YouTube browser and play any random video on YouTube . now all you have to do is go to your settings and then you will find ‘Request Desktop Site’ . clicking on the home button you will find that your YouTube is playing quite well in background .
If you are an iPhone user , open the browser and choose a song you want to play . Now go to your home screen and allow the video to play in background . next , head towards the left of Action Centre the details of the video will appear and then tap play and your work is done .

You can protect children from watching unwanted videos by changing your settings .

There is a different version of YouTube available for your kids . Plus, YouTube has an option in settings in orivacy which would help you guard YouTube with protection for your kid .

Clean your history list of what you watched

This hack is probably known to a few people because it is right there in your settings . The steps are: 1.go to library 2. History 3. Clear history . You can also click on pause watch history .

You can always use the force luke .

Want to see how the whole YouTube screen moves ?? just type force luke to see the magic .

Harlem Shake

Want to see YouTube do the Booty shake for you ??? Just type in “ do the Harlem Shake “ and see what happens .

Interested in having more of Netflix on YouTube ???

You can always know which music plays in the background of a video .

Want the frame to play in slo-mo ??

Just hold onto the space key on keyboard throughout the frame .

You can also play games on YouTube .

Well, do you want to relive your childhood memories ??? You have to pause your video keep pressing right and left key for sometime and BAM!! Here is the snake game which used to be your favorite passtime in childhood .

Shortcuts which can ease out the stress in your life .

Did you know there are shortcuts even for YouTube ??
k = Pause/play
j = Rewind the video 10 seconds
l = Fast forward the video 10 seconds
m = Mute the video.



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12 Hidden Tricks of Celebrities That They Don’t Reveal To The Public Which Make Them Look Flawless In Photo shoot Wed, 17 Oct 2018 19:44:59 +0000 It often happens when we scroll through a celebrity’s social media we often wonder how they click such flawless pictures, isn’t it? In all the pictures they look so beautiful that no one can find any flaws in them. But it’s not only their beauty which is responsible for such flawless photographs of them, but also there are some tricks which they use but do not disclose them to the public.

1.The lights which the Celebrities use while clicking their photos are of some special kind

This one is the most famous tricks used by the Celebrities. Even a kind of light known as the ring light are used by the YouTubers which focuses on their faces to make the skin look flawless, clean and beautiful.

2. Celebrities give much importance on outdoor shoots.

In that way they don’t have to worry much about the lights for the natural light is the best.

3. There is a word that has come out that Kim Kardashian uses LuMee case for most of her photographs.

From the next time while you feel disappointed with your low light selfies, don’t forget to use her tricks.

4. You can win only half of the battle by lightning.

For getting good pictures you have to do a lot of things in order to make it perfect . Clicking the picture from the right angle is also a very important part. You should have a posture as the top models poses for their photo shoots which makes them look more perfect and confident.

5. Holding your phone in the right position also gives you a perfect shot.

You can go through the various social media sites specially Instagram where you can find photos of the Celebrities. Observe their style of taking a selfie , how they hold their phone at or above eye level. As because by now all of them have come to know that from below the chin, their faces won’t look sleek and structured.

6. Which profile do you think works the best?

The Left profile or the right one ? There is a difference between all the Celebrities, some of them is seem to click most of the photos from their left side, while the others prefer their right side. It totally depends upon their psychology.

7. It is often found that standings photos are always better than the sitting ones.

The pictures which are clicked in standing showcase your whole body posture and helps you in lengthening every body part , which looks more reflatering than usual pictures or sitting in a congested way.

8. You should have ideas about the poses which suits you the most.

It is sure that Laverne Cox has mastered this art. In this picture, the pose which she has given flatters every good feature of her body. It is widely known that we human beings are uniquely different from each other. So , there is no significant pose for all which may work better .

9. While taking photos , tilting your chin down slightly makes your look perfect(without pressing too hard).

It is revealed that the Celebrities use various face tricks all the time. And now as the secret is no more hidden , try those in your next pictures.

10. Another way of clicking pictures is to smile by sticking your tongue to the roof of the mouth.

If it were not for us, this is one of the tricks which you wouldn’t have found out. If you stick your tongue to roof of the mouth it makes your cheekbones flash, and everything around the jawline structured.

11. Celebrities do not forget to stand in front of simple backgrounds while taking pictures.

If you take pictures in front of a messed up bedroom or kitchen anyway, doesn’t make the background perfect for you. While on the other hand , if you choose a simple background, it is sure that the focus will fall on the subject, which is you.

12. By giving the ‘relaxed hand’ pose can help u take a perfect picture also.

It is not that if you pose with the relaxed hands , it practically don’t do anything here, but this poised pose looks just like a natural picture of yours and makes the picture complete .



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These Pictures will confuse you as hell Wed, 17 Oct 2018 07:52:05 +0000 Confusion is a part of our life as any other thing. Many people are confused and the state of confusion depends on your state of mind. Illusions are also common. Illusionists play with your perspectives and confuse your mind. So, we are here, with these 12 pictures that will surely confuse you as hell and you will be bound to look at it twice.

12. So many small faces?
The picture below might create an illusion about sad faces but on reality, those are pieces of cucumber cut in a different way.

11. Hugging is important!
You have watched people hugging each other several times, nut now it is time to take that to a whole new level. Buildings hugging each other!

10. Star Gazing!
Yeah that’s a star along with a planet. You might not find it confusing. But in reality, it’s the light of a charger connected near a sofa. And this thing really happened with me.

9. Sesame Truck on Sesame Street
The similarity in the pictures is hard to ignore. This really confuses many people and make recalls the memories of their childhood.

8. Is this really a DOG!?
The picture might give you the idea that a dog ran into a log of wood and its face got stamped on the wood but in reality, the design on the log is natural. The similarity is amazing.

7. Makes me recall a meme!
This picture really makes me laugh hard. If you get this one, please leave a comment down below.

6. Photography At its Best
It really looks like a robot in the Minecraft game. Observational skills of the photographer are really strong.

5. Parrots are the best Birds
Shocked!? The fruits seem tasty. But do not misunderstand as cute parrots.

4. The Ice Age Squirrel is real
The resemblance is so perfect that it reminds of the movie.

3. The woman is having to twins on knees
The knees really scare the shit out of me. She is lucky to have twins!!

2. Red Sneakers are expensive!
Nature is also an illusionist. It feels like a co-accident than a co-incident!

1.Twin of Woody Harrelson
There is a twin of Woody Harrelson. The stomach is very lucky to be the other twin.

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12 Things About the Late Paul Walker That You May Not Know Wed, 17 Oct 2018 07:20:26 +0000 One of the best known American actor in Fast and furious franchaise  was Paul william walker IV as Brian O’Conner. Painfully,in a car accid after his death was through a song “See you again” by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth. And a same emotional sentiments was shared by all of us.

Here are 12 things about the late Paul Walker!

1. The first film that paul walker acted on was Monster in the closest.

2.In fast and furious series all the car you saw and loved was picked by him.

3. Some of his stunts in Fast and furious was done by himself.

4. There were some people in Paul’s family who was mastered in boximg. His grandfather was a well known boxer, whose name in boxing was “Irish” Billie Walker. His father, became 2 times Golden Gloves champion and his father name was Paul William Walker III.


5.Paul Walker started his acting career with an advertisement in pampers back in 1970,when he was an infant.

6. He majored in marine biology and he was an actor with a sharp brain.

7. In Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Paul also won a brown belt.

8. In star wars prequels, Paul auditioned for the role of Anakin Skywalker but the role was woned by Hayden Christensen.

9. Vin Diesel went to his mothers home, after Paul demise.

10.At the age of 11 he was already a Tv actor. Touched By An Angel, Highway To Heaven and Throb are three of his amazing works in Paul’s acting profile.

11. Paul’s co-star, Vin Diesel named his daughter after him “Pauline”.

12.It was Paul who was considered for the role of Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four movie before Chris Evans.



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cute while pregnant Wed, 17 Oct 2018 07:03:23 +0000 Filming a movie is always hectic for an actor or actress as it takes a long span of time to complete the shoot . They play a hell lot of complex characters which requires a lot of patience and talent . You already know about the workload and the work pressure they have and what they go through . Do you know what is the most difficult thing being an actress?? Pregnancy, you guessed it right . It becomes a difficult task for these actress to hide their pregnancy during their work . But , that does not effect their work one bit because these professional ladies are at their best when it comes to workfront . These ladies never fail to impress and deserve respect .
We have 10 best list of actresses who were pregnant while on work who did their jobs effortlessly and quite flawlessly :

  1. Lena Headey from The Game of Thrones .


Popularly known as Cersei Lannister , this actress from Game of Thrones garnered a whole lot of attention from all over the world with her acting . Even though she portrayed a negative character she was on point with her acting . Portraying this role with a pregnant belly was never easy, thanks to the body double who fit really well into the character . She was supposed to shoot a naked scene where the actress had to shoot for the “ walk of shame “ .

2.Blake Lively from The Age of Adaline and The Shallows .

This actress was loved because of her flawless acting . To add on , she is a brave lady who loves to do all her stunts herself . She was never hesitant and did some risky stunts while she was pregnant .

3.Kate Winslet from Divergent .

We all love Kate Winslet . She delivered some real good performance in the movie . Thanks to the camera angles and those dark colored clothes which didn’t make her look pregnant . She used her body double to shoot the action packed scenes .

4.Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex and the City .

She is a well known name in the Sex and the City . Her stylist worked pretty hard to drag all attention from her belly to her clothes ornament and makeup . So they gave her baggy clothes to shiny ornaments hoping that it would distract the viewers . This could continue till the 8th episode since her pregnant belly as quite visible by that time .

5.Helena Bonham Carter from Sweeney Todd .

Director’s plan worked in this one as he decided to dress the actress in a corset which would hide her body quite perfectly . It is natural for a female’s body to see some change as it keeps increasing by day so was the case of the actress too.

6.Drew Barrymore from Blended .


After having signed the contract , the actress found out about her pregnancy . Her stylist worked really hard with her appearance to hide the matter .

7.Scarlett Johansson aka Black widow from Avengers: Age of Ultron .


We are big fans of Black Widow as she never failed to impress us with her acting and action scenes she had in the movie . But, do you know that she was pregnant while shooting this movie ? Yes, you heard it right . Scarlett was pregnant and her scenes were already shot while the action sequence remained pending . She used to get tired very fast and this made the shoot take even a longer time than it was expected . At last , it was the crew’s decision to hire a body double for the action sequence .

8.Angelina Jolie from Changeling

This was a movie with complex emotions and actresses generally don’t sign such movies . But , Angelina decided to take up the role and struggled a lot with her emotions while shooting this one . She always sticked with the team and completed her shoot and delivered a beautiful performance .

9.Reese Witherspoon from Vanity Fair.

Her stylist and designers worked brilliantly enough to hide her baby bump with those dark colored luxurious clothes and ornaments . if you remember this movie , you could recall that her whole figure was never shown in the movie . They used tables a proxy and this actress delivered her performance from behind these tables .

10.Courteney Cox — Friends.

This is a favorite show and can you recall that Monica has a sudden change in her dressing and was shown as a 5 month pregnant lady with a baby bump . The baby bump being quite visible .

11.Emily Blunt — The Girl on the Train and Into the Woods


Emily never shared her pregnancy news with the crew and was mum about it . She bravely portrayed her role and later was quick to describe how this helped her in shooting her complex role with unstable emotional character .

12.January Jones from Mad Men.

This actress had to undergo severe makeup for her role in the mad men as the crew wanted to show that the character had gained weight as a result of stress from her marital conflict . The script was altered to some extent after hearing the actress’s pregnancy role . Even a double chin was given to her so that it would look real and seem that the character gained an overall weight and not just her belly .

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Tree man ever seen Tue, 16 Oct 2018 20:15:29 +0000 Internet is home to a million of online sensations and we hear gossips about these new sensations everyday. They gain immense popularity online and one of the new trending online sensation is Danny Jones who is popularly known as the tree man. He has gained this nickname and is known for his good looks. His good looks, charm and the so perfect body is attracting women towards him across the globe. The tree man is really huge with a height around 6’7” and weighs around 256lbs. This handsome hunk is in tremendous shape and is sweeping women off their feet with his killer looks and hot body.

This is Danny Jones and he works as a personal trainer. He is tall enough and is , therefore, known as the tree man.
We have collected few pictures of the tree man and those will be a proof for his ever growing popularity on social media and you will know the reason for his adoration.
You know you gotta face issues when you have got that huge height. You don’t fit into the bed and no bed seems normal to you. That’s what bugs him too in the first place.

tree man

Ladies, another reason to cling onto him is that he can fix any bulb without a using a tool. You see how tall he is.

When you so huge a normal pizza cannot satisfy your hunger so you need a pizza as huge as the “tree man”.

Looking at his hot body you can estimate the amount of hard work he puts behind getting that”ohh so perfect body”. He loves working out like a beast. And to add on, he is a personal trainer too.This is not going to be a good news for some ladies because Danny has already found the love of his life and has an equally good looking girlfriend. He is in a happy space.

tree man


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The Real Life Marvel Heroes VS The Comic Description of the Marvel Heroes Tue, 16 Oct 2018 20:14:07 +0000 The Marvel Cinematic Universe is known to be the highest grossing production house in the world. With its amazing movies and heart thumping post-credits, there is a series that every youngster or adult is a fan of. The real question arises that how did the Marvel heroes were described in the comics, that were released way before the movies. There are fans who loved the comics and now the movies, for them we have brought a list of some unique and noticeable differences in the marvel characters in the movies and the comics. Now you are going to see how the avengers were supposed to look in on the big screen.

1.Black Panther
The character of the Wakanda King is me what similar in both the series, the movies and the comics, but the vibranium sheaths on the hips and the wrists were added in the movie for make it look more obvious.

2. Captain America
The Captain of the whole Avengers team was portrayed to look more powerful on screen than in the comics. The cap of the legend was made to look more strong and reliable and the shades of the whole suit were made darker for the best cinematography effect.

3. Doctor Strange
This character is nearly similar to its counterpart. But there is a minute difference in both the characters. The gloves that Doctor Strange wore in the comics are way different in from the gloves in the movies.

4. Falcon
There is a huge difference in the on-screen Falcon and the Falcon from the books. In the comics he wore a white and red suit and an eye-piece which looked like the Batman. But in the movies he wears a metal suit which makes it look invincible and the goggles were changed to black computerized ones.

5. Hulk
This character was criticized for having stretchable pants! In the comics the Hulk wore purple ripped pants but in the movies the above fact was not shown in specific. The color of the pants was generalized.

6. Iron Man
Arguably, he is the favorite character of most of the fans. Either it is for the role he plays in the movies or because of Robert Downey Jr. A great job was done in darkening and re-designing the suit. The color of the suit is the same but the design is a lot different from the side. The shape of the mask has also changed and the suit is getting stronger day-by-day.

7. Scarlet Witch
In the movies she never wore a suit or never dressed constantly in a particular way, but in the comics this character wears a red suit with a head gear on top of it.

8. Spider-man
The first time when the world saw the Spider-man in the movies, it was exactly as portrayed in the comics. But over the years the production house made some changes in the suit and made it look invincible and more intense.

9. Star-Lord
Peter Quill is depicted in the movies as the head of the Guardians of the Galaxy “team”. He is quite similar in both movies and comics. Despite his coat got shorter in the movies and that look suits Chris Pratt, who play Star-lord in the movies

10. Thor
THOR-the son of Odin, is depicted as wearing a head gear, more like a helmet. But in the movies, he never wears a helmet. Now he also got his hair shorter which was also not shown in the movie.

11. Vision
He is shown without a cape in the movies but in the comic world he wore a cape with his suit. And above all the color of his suit was also changed from dark yellow to a bluish black one

12. Black Widow
She was depicted perfectly from the comics to the movies. Over the years there were some minor and un-noticeable changes and now that’s he has gone blonde, the looks even match more.

These MARVEL characters are the ones that I watched while growing up. They would be my superheroes, no matter how their looks changed or what happened in the movies.
The eagerness for Captain Marvel is at the peak and we all hope that the second part of the Infinity War has un-fold twists for us.
Stay tuned for more articles on this…

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Modern agriculture to ancient agriculture Tue, 16 Oct 2018 20:13:12 +0000 Day to day various types of disease are coming to our society. The doctors are trying cure the diseases but the can’t control. many years they researched to find where disease origin. finally they clarified most of the diseases now cancers. it comes mostly by the foods that we are taking regularly. various type of cancers are coming here they researched about cancers by fertilizers we are using in our farms. using different type of fertilizers and insectiside makes more disease to our body. so here in india the peoples like educated farmers are try to do natural forming.

1.farmer in the village of keelakottai near the town of kallal which belongs to the district of sivagangai in tamiladu making the agriculture different in now a days. which they not following the any fertilizer in their form and making more yeild compare to modern agriculture

2.Here the village of rangappanur in the district of viluppuram in tamilnadu same like that of the person as we saw before making the agriculture different in their area and doing very succesfully in work and feeling good compare to do ancient agriculture now a days

3.village of perumalpatti in the district of virudhunagar in tamilnadu the persons name maariswamy has doing the very successful olden days agriculture in his form and making his family happy everyday and also he said that he fallows the rules tamil scientist NAMMALVAR.


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