Pictures of some highly intelligent humans whose actions are too hard to ignore

Don’t you ever feel some people deserve some sort of award for their intelligence? Don’t you ever feel why are you still on earth looking at some people? Sometimes people piss others with their very high intelligence which is beyond comparison and you feel like opening their head and see what is actually in their heads. You feel like telling how dumb they are and these beautiful creations are the reason for the invention of the word “dumb”
We have collected few pictures online which would prove some people are too hard to ignore:
You don’t need 10 baskets to shop at grocery. This lady took all of them to shop.

Is this a toilet for humans or is their some alien who would climb the wall to pee? What was the constructor even thinking? This is what happens when you reach another level of intelligence.

Thanks a lot for such hard work. Some people deserve and reserve a special place in heaven. Without this description, no one would have understood this.

What do these people eat? Where do they live? How do they possess this unique and special intelligence?

Don’t I repeat don’t do this at school, home or anywhere. Is she even in her sense?(crying inside)

No this man is driving away the rain with some special power maybe? Protecting the brain from damage is more important. (face palm)
This is surreal. Even the word dumb is not capable of explaining how dumb these little monsters are.

You people are the special genre in God’s list of humans. That’s a BMW not a Bentley. Do you even know the difference between car companies? Or all seem the same to you?

It’s a humble request not to share such information on internet since it leads to brainstorming. Many people thought they lost their memories or were getting old. For God’s sake,show some mercy.

This is one of the most horrifying thoughts of the new generation. For God’s sake, look at your child you are a mother now. She seems busy posting about her happiness of being a mother.

Sometimes love can be hazardous for you and can make plastic factories in your stomach. The plastic wrapper is suppose to be taken off before putting it in a sandwich.

That’s not a frame. It took few seconds for the very intelligent man to understand that its not a fan but the reflection of it in the mirror. What do these special people eat?

Many people died after reading this post. How do people get such confidence? Or is it an auto-correct? I hope it is the latter one.

you don’t get pregnant when you want. Do you even know what is it?

Think about your future, kid. The sun is a star but you keep arguing like this you will soon become dust. Is the teacher alright after listening to your explanation?



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